Video - Increasing Search Engine Rankings

Using video is a cost effective way of communicating your services, products and company vision to a target audience.

Current research shows that a web page with video can finish up to 53 times higher than a plain text page in search engine rankings.

A short video on your website can also help generate more business for your organisation, impress prospective clients and keep current customers informed of your latest products and services.

Take a look at these examples...

With breakthroughs in camera design, lens quality and digital formats it has never been cheaper to produce video footage to market services and products.

YouTube are recording over 100 million hits per month and it's free to host your video, you can even have your own YouTube channel! Isn't it time for your company to be a part of the video revolution?

Sibson Images can produce broadcast quality video to fit your needs. We can simply provide raw video footage or provide a simple edited package. We can work in conjunction with local independent producers and reporters and provide you with a service that will help you develop, script and edit a video package tailored to your needs.


The number of outlets for video is on the increase. Many regional newspapers now have a video link on their websites and are happy to take footage for their site. This gives them an extra news item for free and you the chance to promote your event,service or product. You can also have the footage edited and uploaded to your own website,YouTube and Facebook.

A simple edited package for your website could be less than a top-of-the-range iPad. Call us to find out how we can help make video part of your marketing campaign on 01487 840888 or 07837 929539

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